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Annie Veitch

Painting and Sculptures

Annie Veitch


Annie Veitch is a figurative oil painter and steel sculptor living and working in Severn Bridge, Ontario. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2006. Her oil paintings explore the human figure and the intimacies of the body while the welded steel sculptures focus on delicate organic forms and the intricacy of nature.

She uses an oxy-acetylene torch to manipulate steel, a material known for strength and rigidity, into realistic botanical objects. She finds the contradiction between subject and material both intriguing and challenging. Translating characteristics of nature into metal gives fluidity and life to a material that typically lacks it, as well as giving strength and immortality to naturally delicate subjects.

Her paintings portray the human figure as a subject capable of containing and communicating a vast emotional landscape. She creates life size, large scale paintings of female figures set in ambiguous backgrounds. The figures she paints are introspective and vulnerable. There is an emotional reaction that is lead by the viewers own feelings and experiences in relation to their interpretation of the subjects.

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Annie Veitch
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