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Cindy Kelly, Reloved Creations

Upcycled Silverware Jewellery and Sculptures

Cindy Kelly

Reloved Creations


Cindy Kelly in her studioCindy Kelly’s love of art goes back to childhood, but it wasn’t until 2011 when she returned to her roots in Muskoka that she began to seriously consider it as a career. Reunited with the beautiful landscape and the peace of Muskoka enabled her to be still and reflect on what was really important in her life.

She took an interest in up-cycling because it deeply resonated with her philosophy of life and her way of being. Cindy questioned why “newer” is so often seen as “better” and has made it her personal mission to heal that perspective.

Cindy now creates custom jewelry, decor items and sculpture from reclaimed silver pieces. Every piece she uses to create with evolves because she dusts it off and reimagines its beauty. Through a change in perspective, a fork becomes a ring or a set of spoons is transformed into a candleholder.  Everything she makes is up-cycled from things that are previously unloved, forgotten or that have simply become irrelevant over time. It is her hope that she can breathe new life into these things through uncovering their innate beauty.

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Cindy Kelly
Phone: (705) 641-8598
Instagram: @relovedcreations