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Bonnie Bews

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Bonnie Bews


Bonnie BewsBonnie has been living in Muskoka since 1985.  She received her art education at Georgian Collage in Barrie then backpacked to Australia and throughout Europe. While sketching in a piazza in Germany, she was approached by artist, Rudolf Schmid. This prominent Bavarian Glass painter showed an interest in Bews’ style of work and offered her an apprenticeship at his gallery/studio, Gläserne Scheune, Viechtach, Germany.   Bonnie accepted this unique opportunity and returned to Germany in 1992 to discover a whole new medium including reverse glass painting (hinterglas).

Bonnie’s work  explores the magical world of the fairies hidden in the Muskoka woodlands.  She draws and seeks her inspiration from this natural environment.  Muskoka has brought energy to Bonnie’s paintings, not only with ideas, but also by the way she perceives and applies the paints in soft delicate lines, bold brushstrokes and vibrant colours.   She demonstrates vividly that glass painting continues to be a beautiful and vivacious art form seventeen centuries later!

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Bonnie Bews

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