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Gregory Duquette


Gregory Duquette


Born and raised on a rural N. Ontario farm, resettling to Muskoka in 2015 to enjoy retirement. Now his is a life spent on his life long passion for woodturning.

He prefers to turn pieces from reclaimed fallen trees, rather than exploiting living ones.  He gathers wood from a 200-acre Muskoka farm, and enjoys using other mediums such as epoxy resin to compliment his finished woodworks. 

Works are finished in varied techniques that include natural dyes, beeswax, and mineral oil.  Others are finished by burnishing, wood-burning, and various stains. 

His works find their home through craft fair, art galleries, museums, internet, and word of mouth. 

Greg can be found most days turning in his workshop, nestled amongst a treasured Muskoka hardwood forest.