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Leslie Songer Terry


Leslie Songer TerryI started weaving on looms in the early 70’s and ventured into other mediums such as silk painting, macramé and quilting along the way. In 1985 I left my career in the Canadian Film Industry to move to Niagara Falls with my husband. I joined a weaving guild and it was a workshop through the guild that led me to basketry! From that workshop I have searched out suppliers, conferences and books to learn different techniques and styles.

My baskets are traditional in style, but I like to add my signature by using lots of colour, and interesting handle or working with another artist to make it different and my own.

When I stumbled upon mixing up the loom weaving and the basketry I was delighted. What fun to take a loom pattern and turn it into a beautiful and useful basket. At present I mostly make baskets, but still like to set up my loom to weave cloth. Making an item that is useful, not too frivolous, but that is also beautiful, wonderful to touch and fabulous to use, gives me great satisfaction.

Being a member of a Co-op Gallery has always been a part of my arts and crafts life. I enjoy being part of a group, sharing interests, learning about the other artists work and meeting customers while working. In the early 90’s a group of 12 artists in Gravenhurst started a co-operative gallery in the old Segwun ticket office at Muskoka Wharf. We lasted 10 years, almost unheard of in a co-op gallery. It was many of those same artists that were involved in Arts at the Albion Co-Op Gallery start up 5 years ago. It’s been a terrific experience.

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