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David Dawson


David Dawson


My background in architecture and design influences my imagination and my experience with gouache ‘a water based medium’ allows me total freedom to express images through colour, light and composition. My small studies derived from field trips become the basis for new paintings, some leaning towards abstract. I don’t view my paintings as a painting of a place; rather, they are simply inspired by a place. Some border on the undefined and gives the viewer a place to create their own meaning.

To quote Cody Delong,’In today’s fast paced digital world, a great painting can generate feelings of happiness, calm, remembrance and joy and can tie generations together. Few things allude to your intelligence and taste like an original painting in your home. In these times of cutback, teaching our children the value of art is almost entirely up to their parents, as schools eliminate arts programs altogether. A great painting represents the law of increasing returns. Over time it becomes a cherished member of the family’.

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David Dawson
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