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Matthew Fleet

Serpent & Compass

Matthew Fleet


Here be dragons…

…inspired by the ages when maps were embellished with sea monsters and decorative borders, Matthew brings that same 17th century charm and romance to maps of today’s cottage areas. 

Academic studies of antique maps of the Caribbean motivated Matthew to render a map of Kahshe Lake where his family cottages. Prints of this map adorned with frigates and sea monsters were so popular amongst other Kahshe Lake residents that Matthew has gone on to produce a series of maps of other popular cottage destinations. 

Working in graphite with traditional drafting tools and techniques, Matthew accurately captures the profiles of the lakes and all of today’s place names along with all the embellishments typical of antique maps. The tedious nature of hand drawing a map decorated with intricate borders and mythical monsters typically limits Matthew to one creation a year, of which reproductions are printed. The reproductions of his maps all bear his signature and are printed on a parchment style of paper to embellish the old world feel. While the maps capture the content of modern maps, it is instead their charm and romance that have earned them wall space in many cottages.

Occasional departures from his focus on maps have included detailed graphite drawings of Segwun and Wenonah II as well as a sentimental rendering of the Avro Arrow and a growing series of classic cars.


Matthew works from home based studios in Georgetown and Kahshe Lake. Matthew studied visual arts at York University while earning his honours degree in geography and later earned a diploma in architectural technology from Sheridan College. His artwork shares time with a career as an accessibility consultant.

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